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Organize And Plan | Balancing Your Writing Career With Your Life

Organize And Plan | Balancing Your Writing Career With Your Life

Writing can be a very solitary task sometimes and is also an activity that often requires concentration, quiet and absolute commitment.

With all that being said, is it therefore possible to balance your writing career and family life without turning yourself into a workaholic?

Yes! It is totally possible. I am a living example of this and I will tell you what my secret to a successful writing career is. The secret is called, "TIME PLAN."

This is one of the most important steps for the aspiring writer's success. Without it, nothing can be achieved. 

So, knowing all this, how can you create a great and achievable time plan?

Simply make a rough plan of the time allowed for your writing project daily. It is highly important for the writer to know exactly WHEN he /she is going to settle down to write. It is important for a writer to feel, free of other responsibilities so that he/she can concentrate on the work at hand.

I have made a simple schedule time plan I usually follow. I encourage you to create your own schedule according to your personal needs, your family's needs and your professional needs.

Every morning just after breakfast, and as soon as the family has gone off to do other things, I usually allow myself to work on my PC for one to two hours, depending on the day's  workload.

I then go on to do house chores and other family related tasks till noon. At about 2pm in the afternoon, everybody is usually back, so I will serve them lunch.

After that I have 2-3 hours free to work on my morning assignment. Thus, there is plenty of time to care for the family , while in the afternoons I still have time to go to my part time job in time , feeling satisfied I have worked at home on my project.

In the evening I sometimes find an hour or so , when the family watch TV . This time I sit with them in the living room , having pre arranged to do the easiest tasks for my writing job, such as note taking or layout planning of new stories or articles. I use pen to paper and I don't bother if I make mistakes. Next morning, there is plenty of time to revise them and complete them.

If this plan has been working perfectly for me, why not for you as well?
You only have to calculate when and how long you need to write every day. Of course , you must stick to your plan and never give it up , apart from very urgent cases. Remember that your work is also urgent, so never skip it.

If you respect your writing job, the others will do so too. What is more, they won't feel neglected as you will give them your care and attention at the time they are around. Furthermore, your house chores will be done in time and you won't feel overworked.

Many a times I used to end up with half burned meals and I felt extremely stressed trying to catch up with all the house chores before the family was back home. So, telling yourself ëIíll do it laterí, itís not the solution. ëLaterí will come in no time and you will find yourself in a very difficult situation.

Yet, no one will believe your excuses as you have been in the house the whole morning , and you will feel inefficient for no reason at all! "A little every day" is my motto, and, in the long run, everything is done and everybody is happy. Keeping your writing and family under control will make you feel satisfied and everyone, including you, will be happy.

Also, keep in mind that there is nothing odd if you work in unconventional places.
I sometimes find it stimulating to work in the living room with all the family around. Noise does not bother me, on the contrary, it brings me more ideas.

This article was outlined last evening while we were all watching a football match. Well, the truth is I did not watch much of it! I was absorbed in my new article, but that's how this idea sprang out. I can perfectly work in a chatty setting. Have you tried it? You may come up with fresh ideas and great articles.

Finally, who says that writing can turn you into a zombie? Shatter the myth! It's up to you to enjoy both your family and your writing career. Simply make a time plan!


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