Things That Caught My Eye This Week | 12-6-2021 To 12-10-2021

Things That Caught My Eye This Week | 12-6-2021 To 12-10-2021
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Things That Caught My Eye This Week | 12-6-2021 To 12-10-2021

Monday - 6th - December - 2021

- A Four Day Work Week.

The idea of a four-day work week — and its benefits is growing in popularity. 

Before you make the leap, author @JoeSanok suggests you do a trial run of the practice. 

Well-publicized trials in New Zealand, Iceland, and Japan showed participants' wellbeing improved and they were more productive when they reduced their hours.

Governments in Spain and Scotland have pledged money to fund trials.

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- California Minimum Wage Could Go Up To $18/Hour.

California voters could get to decide whether the state minimum wage goes up to $18 an hour, at a time when rising prices and living costs are eating into workers’ household incomes. 

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The Living Wage Act of 2022 was filed with the state attorney general’s office Friday. 

It would gradually increase the state minimum wage starting in 2023, then rise to $18 an hour for all-sized businesses by 2026.

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Tuesday - 7th - December - 2023

- The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Is Changing It's Weekend.

#UAE announces today that it will transition to a four and a half day working week, with Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday forming the new weekend.

All Federal government departments will move to the new weekend from January 1, 2022.

The UAE is changing its weekend as it seeks to draw in global investment and businesses.

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- Canada Is Facing A Maple Syrup Shortage.

Due to a global supply shortage, Canada's liquid gold - maple syrup - is running low.

The Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP), released nearly half of its emergency reserve.

It is equivalent to 22 million kilograms.

Increased demand and a shorter harvest drove the shortage of Maple, according to QMSP.

In Canada, it’s the first time the reserve of Maple syrup is in use in three years due to its shortage.

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