How To Make A Fashion Design Notebook

How To Make A Fashion Design Notebook

  • Purchase a sketchbook or a notebook.

  • Purchase pencils. 

  • Purchase fine black pens with pigment drawing ink. Make sure your pens use archival ink, which means it won't fade on the page over time.

  • Collect fabric scraps and fabric glue. Get fabric swatches or print out patterns that would make pretty fabric. Also, be sure to purchase fabric glue so you can paste the fabric onto the pages

  • Gather inspiring materials.

  • Name your collection.

  • Plan out each page.

  • Create a model figure stencil for repetitive use.

  • Trace your stencil.

  • Sketch your design.

  • Color it in.

  • Paste your fabric scraps.

  • Leave space for notes.

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