How To Customize Your Notebook To Make It More Attractive

How To Customize Your Notebook To Make It More Attractive

  • Put your name in or on it, along with a phone number or email address.

  • Write a title, volume number and start date inside or on the notebook, especially if it's one of several similar notebooks.

  • Write basic information inside the front cover or type it up, print it out, and tape or glue it in.

  • Reserve the first page or pages for frequently referenced information or for a table of contents.

  • Reinforce the corners and/or spine. For a basic notebook, packing tape might work perfectly well.

  • Glue a ribbon or string into the spine to act as a bookmark, or tie it on for a spiral bound book.

  • Add a pocket. You can either add a corner pocket or a full pocket, and you can size it for scratch paper, note cards, business cards, or items you receive.

  • Add a pen loop. Stick tape to itself and wrap it around your favorite pen or pencil. Then, tape it into the back cover.

  • Add a handle or carrying strap. This can be sturdy tape or, if you're handy with needle and thread, a fabric strap.

  • Stick a thin stack of sticky notes and/or tape flags inside the cover.

  • Decorate the notebook. Were you using the paper company's logo, anyway? Affix your own card or insignia, or get out the markers, rubber stamps, stickers.

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