My Ex Boyfriend Blocked Me And I Did Not Do Anything - Now He Is Back

My Ex Boyfriend Blocked Me And I Did Not Do Anything - Now He Is Back

So, I'm busy scrolling through my current man's photos when I get a text message from my ex boyfriend asking where I have been. This was a man who blocked all my texts and calls a few months ago.

A man who continuously refused to reply to my repeated texts begging him for another chance. A man who disrespected me on various occasions including refusing to pick my calls. A man who made me cry my heart and eyes out because of the immense pain I experienced when he decided to unceremoniously walk out on me. A man I repeatedly begged to move in with me but who refused to because I seemed too poor for him.

And now, that my heart is healed. Now that I picked myself up (with the help of G-d of course) from the dusty ground he threw me, he decides to show up. I'm not even angry anymore. I'm just tired and exhausted of the heartache. I keep wondering whether men realize just how painful their insensitivity stings. I wonder whether they ever use their hearts and brains before doing certain things.

Of course I'm not going back to him. Some kinds of pain are just too painful to re-experience. The trauma of being suddenly and disrespectfully abandoned. The agony of being unconsciously blocked. The suffering of not being able to reach someone you shared something so profound and intimate with.

I'm not saying I'm perfect. I'm not saying I was the best partner. Not at all. I made my own share of mistakes. I still do. But there is one mantra I always stand by in my relationships.

I will always work through it. However difficult the challenge. Whatever the disagreement and difficulty, I'm always willing to work on it. I will not leave. I will stay until we figure it out and find a way. But all the men I have been in a relationship with unfortunately don't follow this mantra until it's too late.

Until they have left me and I have found a replacement. And it's a funny circle that keeps repeating. But that is the story of my complicated and messy romantic life that only G-d can handle.