Is 6pm Too Early For Bedtime?

Is 6pm too early for bedtime.

Well that depends on a number of factors. Below, are some of those factors.

1. What time you plan to wake up.

2. Your work schedule if you have a job or your school schedule if you are student or pupil.

3. Your location and country of residence is also an important factor to consider. If you stay in a place that experiences the four seasons i.e Winter, spring, summer, autumn, then your bedtime may be affected by the seasons. The time of the year are worthy contributing factors to remember. In autumn and winter, the sun sets early and night time comes before 6pm, so 6pm during these seasons may not be as early as say in the summer or spring.

4. Your age. Various age groups require different amounts of sleep. i.e Children tend to require more sleep than adults, therefore their bed times are often earlier than adults.

5. Activities and tasks you need to accomplish before sleeping.

6. Your eating habits and the time you have dinner.

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