Why Do I Have No Motivation To Clean My House And Stuff?

Why Do I Have No Motivation To Clean My House And Stuff?

The task at hand (cleaning) could feel overwhelming because there is so much to do and you feel like you can't manage to do it all at once.

That feeling can lead you to having negative thoughts about your ability to accomplish the task. The negative thoughts you have can lead you to feeling low and unmotivated.

A simple and quick way to motivate yourself when a task at hand feels overwhelming is by trying to break a large task into small manageable bits. As you finish each little bit, you will start to feel good because you see the progress you are making.

Sometimes not seeing any progress we are making while undertaking a task can be a source of demotivation. Wins however small they might be help boost our self esteem and increase our levels of motivation.

A quick way to break down a large task into small bits is by creating a to do list or making a plan. Start making a plan today to help you accomplish your goals.

A daily planner is a great tool that can get you started and going in the right direction. Get yourself a daily planner journal and start right away.

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